It’s like I can feel myself getting bad again but I have no way to stop it. Oh well.
I think I’m just gonna go have a good cry and go to sleep.

  • If you knew that the world would end tomorrow and you could only see one person before you died who would you see? Would they pick you too?




You like mcr, panic at the disco, choppy hair cuts, fall out boy and black clothing. You can’t stop smudging your eyeliner, you can’t stay out of hot topic, and you don’t know the top 20 charts. Face it, you’re never gonna leave 2005.

I don’t wanna leave 2005. i just wanna



lily evans running into class late and out of breath and saying “sorry im late i was… doing stuff.” james potter swaggering in after her and saying “im


If we are spooning and I arch my butt into you there is a 1000% chance I don’t actually have to stretch and that I just want to feel your boner.